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About Ciaran

Ciaran Nash (b. 1984) is an Irish multidisciplinary artist based in Limerick and working out of Contact Studios. Recent awards include an Irish Arts Council Travel Bursary in 2015 and an artist residence with Limerick Arts Office in 2017 until 2019. He is involved in creative initiatives in Limerick City including EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial and the artist led project group Occupy Space (2012-17). The primary focus of Nash’s work is in exploring the crossovers between mediums and creative genres, such as social practice, activism, language, sound art, performance, sculpture and photography. His participatory projects often involve gameplay as a model of experiential learning to investigate meanings and connotations of value, exchange, and trust in human relations and as social constructs. Presently he is investigating the current language of mass protest movements, in relation to the broader historical context of civil disobedience. Exhibitions in 2016 included performative and installation pieces at both Mart Gallery and The Complex in Dublin. He continues to explore agency, the power of language and mass media influence in our recent history and the origins of these.
Ciaran is the selected participant from Ireland for a short term residency ROJA ART LAB 2017 in Latvia. Participants are involved in: sound and vision, engagement with local community, investigating and reflecting on materials and place, innovative usage of traditional media (installation, land art, performance, video, sound, painting, sculpture, ceramics, time-based, photographic, etc.) The residency culminates in a public celebration, performances and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that have emerged over the time of being together for 15 days. ROJA ART LAB removes artists geographically and conceptually from their usual studio practice and brings them together to work in a way that is mutually beneficial, contributing to a developing international dialogue that explores our cultural and parochial differences whilst celebrating our commonality. We are very interested in the new forms and new approaches what could be outcome from the residencies site specifics. Art laboratory is organized by NGO Art Group ROKU

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