You are invited to join us in Contact Studios on Culture Night 2016

In our 19th year of operation, Contact Studios are proud to host the Limerick Premier of Seán Lynch’s new film, Campaign to Change the National Monuments Act on Culture Night September 2016, having just been shown in the RHA in Dublin as part of his touring Venice Biennale exhibition, Adventure: Capital.

Sean Lynch Campaign to Change the National Monuments Act video still, courtesy Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin & Ronchini Gallery London.

About the Event

As a former member, administrator and longtime friend to the studios, we are honoured to show Sean's work alongside that of our current 14 members. From 5 - 9pm on the evening of September 16th, the public are invited to come along to the longest established independent studios in Limerick to investigate how artists create and shape ideas and artwork, while having a chat and some refreshments in a truly welcoming and enlightening environment.

Limerick Premier of...

Campaign to Change the National Monuments Act, 2016 investigates the legal status of metal detectors in Ireland. Following national controversy around the finding of the Derrynaflan Hoard, a medieval treasure trove uncovered in the 1980s, the state hastily placed a blanket ban on the public use of all devices used to search for archaeological objects. This legislation effectively destroyed the fledgling metal detectorist community of Ireland. Using the tropes of a promotional video, Campaign to Change the National Monuments Act advocates for a change in these authoritarian laws, where ideas of nationhood, individual freedom, and the need for new forms of community-led heritage are all explored on a journey narrated by Lynch’s long-time collaborator Gina Moxley, and featuring long-time Contact Studios member Carl Doran’s acting debut.

Campaign to Change the National Monuments Act, 2016 has been produced by Spacex Exeter in association with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter and through support from The Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council of England, The Elephant Trust, The Foyle Foundation and Exeter City Council.


Limerick Film Premier for Ireland’s Venice Biennale representative, and Contact Studios Alumnus, Seán Lynch.
Date: Culture Night, September 16th 2016.
Venue: Contact Studios, Grounds of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mulgrave St., Limerick.
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Duration: 20 minutes approximately.
Capacity: Limited.

Current Artists:

Gerry O’Mahony, Julie Brazil, Nuala O’Sullivan, Sheila Richardson, Kevin O’Keefe, Anne Marie Morrin, Sheila Stone, Ciarán Nash, Carl Doran, Isabella Walsh, Maurice Foley, Kathleen Bartlett, Ann Daly, Emma Fisher.


Contact Studios, Grounds of St. Josephs Hospital, Mulgrave St, Limerick, Eire.

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Mobile: +353 (0)87-616 1592

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